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Circuit board disassembly and recycling
Circuit board disassembly and recycling
Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Circuit board disassembly and recycling

Equipment capacity: 0.2~1 ton/hourEquipment power: ≤129.25KW

Power supply: three-phase AC 380V/50Hz,200KVACan handle waste battery size (mm): 600 X 600

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Product Details

Circuit board disassembly equipment production line my company's newly developed a new generation of PCB components automatic disassembly machine, the equipment is highly automated, instead of personnel disassembly, with automatic disassembly function, automatic dust removal function, shorten the disassembly time, and small footprint. Automatic circuit board disassembly machine is used to remove the electronic components from the scrap circuit boards on the next equipment, because different components contain different metals, some of the original contains gold and silver and other precious metals, while some components contain toxic substances, some components can be directly sorted and sold, disassembled templates are also easier to break and sort the copper, but also greatly reduce the crushing and sorting section of the work, to improve the utilization of precious metals again. It also greatly reduces the work of the crushing and sorting section and improves the reuse rate of precious metals.

Circuit board disassembly and recyclingProduct Details

Circuit board disassembly process:

    Using electric heating or liquefied gas heating, the internal temperature will be turned on to 120℃, the tin will melt and the electronic components will fall off from the circuit board with the operation of the main machine. The machine has the advantages of automation, high processing efficiency, low operating cost, small footprint, simple operation, and absolutely no dust pollution. The treated substrate can be physically recovered by copper and other metals, and the electronic components can be recycled by environmental wu harm classification. The machine is the ideal circuit board electronic components disassembly equipment.

Outstanding advantages of circuit board disassembly equipment:

  1、Automatic control work, save manpower, generally two people a shift.

  2、Temperature is automatically controlled by heating system, no need for manual participation.

  3、Detinning and dismantling are done in one step.

  4, the output is large, up to 200 - 500 kg per hour.

  5、Automatic circuit board disassembly machine is easy to operate and * reliable.

  6、After separation into their respective next segmentation process to improve economic efficiency.

  7、Reduce the broken ocarina of components, less loss of precious metals.

  8、Equipped with fume treatment settings, to the environment.

Circuit board disassembly and recyclingProcess Flow
Process Flow

  1, circuit board dismantling machine: the use of electric heating type liquefied gas heating two, the internal temperature control at about 150 ℃, so that the tin on the circuit board loosened, with the rotation of the dismantling machine and circuit board friction with each other, circuit board and barrel wall friction, electronic components with the operation of the host and off.

  2、Fume and dust hood: add a hood to collect smoke and odor on top of the dismantling machine to facilitate the collection of smoke and odor to meet environmental standards.

  3、Water spraying tower: to purify the smoke and dust particles that pass through the induced draft fan by water spraying.  

  4、Activated carbon adsorption box: the smoke and odor are adsorbed after the water spray purification.

  5、Plasma purifier: purify the smoke after the activated carbon adsorption box and then colorless treatment, so as to achieve environmental protection indicators.

  6、Induced fan: the filtered gas will be collected and discharged.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters of circuit board dismantling machine:

Equipment name


Power (kw))

Number of pieces (sets)

Circuit board dismantler




Fume hood




Water spraying tower




Activated carbon adsorption box




Plasma purifier




Induced draft fan




Dust removal port





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