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Solar Panel Recycling Machine
Solar Panel Recycling Machine
Solar Panel Recycling Machine

Solar Panel Recycling Machine

Capacity: 300-2000kg/hRaw Materials: Various waste solar panels

Final Products: Aluminum frame, glass frame, silicon powder, plastic, metal powder, etc.

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Product Details

In response to the current problem of waste solar photovoltaic panel recycling. Xingmao machinery research and development production of new solar photovoltaic panel recycling machine. It has the advantageous features of low recycling cost, high separation efficiency and high purity, environmental protection and energy-saving lamps. Therefore, solar photovoltaic panel recycling machine has a very important application value. The establishment of solar photovoltaic panel recycling plant is through the physical mechanical sorting method to extract high-value metals: silicon powder, copper powder, plastic.

Solar Panel Recycling MachineProduct Details
The main components of photovoltaic module: aluminium frame, cell, glass, EVA film and backsheet. The main component of glass: silicon dioxide, secondary components: soda ash, limestone, magnesium oxide, alumina, manganese, carbon, etc. EVA is mainly made of: ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer. Battery core components are made of: monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon. The solar PV panel frame is made of: finished aluminium. The backsheet consists of two layers of PVF film and one layer of PET film. The entire production line recycles: more than 96% of the material.
PV panels contain: glass, silicon, silver, copper, steel, gallium and other rare metals. There is a specific high value of resource recycling.
The solar PV panel recycling machine developed by Xingmao Machinery is made by removing the aluminium frame, dismantling, crushing, sorting, electrostatic and other physical and mechanical methods. Thus realising the comprehensive recycling and reuse of waste solar photovoltaic panels.
Solar panel recycled metal
Solar Panel Recycling MachineProcess Flow
Process Flow

1. Remove the aluminium frames of the solar PV panels with a framing machine
2. Using the heated blade separation method, the blade heated to 300°C melts the EVA layer and completely separates the glass and other materials for recycling.
3. The solar PV panels with glass removed are then fed into the crushing and sorting system, which sends the solar panels to the twin-shaft shredder to be shredded into strips. Shredded into small pieces of 1-2cm. Then into the secondary shredder for crushing.
4. The material is then collected and fed under negative pressure into the grinding machine, which grinds the material into powder. If the particle size is too large and does not meet the granularity. Return to the grinder again for grinding. The qualified material enters the air separator. Metal powder is sieved out of one end of the air separator and plastic and a small amount of metal material at the other end.
5. Plastic and a small amount of metal re-enter the electrostatic separator to separate out the plastic and metal.

Technical parameters
1. Adopting international advanced thermal excision technology, it can realise complete separation and recovery of glass and other materials.

2. The whole set of production line is easy to operate, with high recycling efficiency, low cost, and large-scale industrial processing and production.

3. advanced crushing and sorting system, the metal recovery rate of waste solar panels is up to 96%.

4. the layout of equipment structure can be customised according to the requirements of customer site conditions.

5. stable performance, long service life, low maintenance cost, low noise and other advantages.

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